• In order to be qualified for TAC 2000 certification you are required to have a FAA approved Quality Assurance manual. If you do not have Quality Assurance manual you can opt for our Supersonic plan which will include access to our Quality Assurance manual .
  • If you have a Quality Assurance manual you need to submit your manual so we can review it to see if it meets our standard.
  • Your company must have passed an on-site audit. Audits must be performed to insure your company meets or exceeds the 00-56B requirements, this insures your company is using best practices based on industry standards. for more information about the audit process, head over to the FAQ section of the website. If you are working out of your home you will need to have an on site audit of your working area.
  • Due to the recent Covid 19 situation we are accepting photos of the required areas. Please see below how to to set up your space.
  • Required areas:
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Serviceable parts
  • Non Sserviceable parts
  • Quarantine area under lock and key
  • Organized and clean working areas
  • Efficient document management or System for handling traceability
  1. If you are working at a commercial office or warehouse you will need have an on-site audit. This can be handled in 2 ways. Your company can opt to have Transonic aviation perform the on site audit at the clients expens.
    If there is a qualified person in your area that has aviation auditing experience, We can review that person’s resume for acceptance and approval as an authorized auditor for Transonic Aviation Consultants. The client would be responsible for paying that person's fees for the audit.
  2. If you are going to handle hazardous material we can provide hazmat training.
  3. Must have a Physical location PO boxes will not be accepted.
  4. Contact information must be current along with valid company email.
  5. Active EIN number with your state.
  6. Professional email is recommended
  7. Multi Company organizations must have separate email for each company
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To see how to set up your office or warehouse, click on the images to zoom in.


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