TAC 2000 Pre-Audit

QA check

Name and title of company official(s) participating in audit:
Years in business
Date of last Audit
Number of employees
Is the distributor an FAA Certificate Holder under 14 CFR 21, 91, 121, 125, 135 or 145?
If the answer to is yes, obtain copy of certificate and submit with this audit form.
Do you have a certified QA manual
Type of Business
Are you currently 00-56B certified
How did you hear about Transonic*
Is this a startup


What is the name of the Quality Manager
How many employees are employed
Are inspectors employed full time, part time or both
How many inspectors are employed (not including Quality Manager)
Is any one on staff IATA Hazmat certified
What is the name of the Stockroom Manager
How many stockroom clerks are employed (not including Stockroom Manager)
Do all Departments have at least one copy of the Quality Manual?
If the answer to is No, explain why